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SHIMMY FOR THE SOUL is one of the busiest belly dance troupes in the Lower Mainland inviting all ages and dance levels to celebrate the ancient art form of Dance Orienta through performing a variety of styles at major family friendly events throughout the Lower Mainland and beyond.  Some SFTS regular appearances include the Richmond Night Market since 2009, the International Summer Night Market since 2008, BC Renfest since 2007, the VANCOUVER PNE over the past few years and many, many more.  Known for their big shows, exciting props and diverse creative expression beyond the more limiting historical traditions of middle eastern dance, Shimmy for the Soul brings us together in the spirit of fun, celebrating the joy of life through introducing audiences of all ages to a unique interpretation of middle eastern dance.


About Nicole Marie Whitney

Nicole began bellydancing in January 2004 and was choreographing new dances and performing publicly within a few short months of her very first class.   What originally started as a dare with her eldest daughter, became a life changing passion-filled past time that engulfed her life and living space and every 'spare' hour on five days a week.

Nicole's training in recent years has focused on the Salimpour format, completing 50 hours live training with Suhaila on both Suhaila an Jamila formats. She has also trained at the full Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive in 2015 and with many great trainers along the way (live and online) including Jillian, Sadie, Jim Boz, Nath Keo, Rachel Bryce, Sahira, Sandra and many more.

Nicole is a member of MEDA [Middle Eastern Dance Association] in B.C. and an active enthusiast of bellydancing, studying new techniques and styles with as many leaders in the field as possible. 

Nicole performs regularly as a soloist and with her bellydance troupe - SHIMMY FOR THE SOUL. SFTS performs often at major events including the Richmond Night Market, The International Summer Market, Langley Canada Day, Run for the Cure, the annual International Bog Festival and annually at the BC Renaissance Fest & more...



Currently, Nicole is teaching bellydance in Surrey, Fraser Heights and Langley, B.C.

When she's not bellydancing, Nicole is busy producing Life Changing Radio Broadcasts at News for the Soul - the #1 life changing radio show in the world according to Google and Aol and home to the largest totally free life changing audio library on the world wide web which she founded in January 1997.


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About Shimmy for the Soul Classes:

Shimmy for the Soul has been accepting both new and experienced students throughout Langley and Surrey for several years and provides and a fun exciting environment to experience many different styles of Bellydance including the use of ‘epic’ props like silk veils, finger cymbals, swords, giant isis wings, fan veils, candles, canes and more.   Students also will have the option to experience performance opportunities throughout the lower mainland as they progress.

The Many Benefits of Belly Dancing With Us:

- be healthier by fun [not "work" outs!]
- connect into a truly fun community
- discover a diverse range of styles
- find out about great community events
- receive amazing isotonic benefits
- improve coordination and balance
- strengthen and tone core muscles
- feel more feminine and sexy
- improve body flexibility
- look and feel younger
- improve body image
- Meet new friends!
- have fun!


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Hi Nicole, I just wanted to catch up again and let you know how great it was to have the Desert Rain Dancers/Shimmy for the Soul at last weekend's FraserFest. Our guests enjoyed the beautiful and scenic Fraser River while enjoying the fun and energetic sights and sounds of this event. We were fortunate to have you group come to our event and bring some great music and history!

Once again, we thank you for being part of FraserFest 2010. With your help, we certainly created a fun-filled and memorable weekend. I have also kept your name on our entertainment roster to use for upcoming events.  !

Looking forward to crossing paths with you again in the future!

Christina Andreola
Special Event Coordinator

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