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"Shimmy for the Soul Belly Dance delivers great performances at Richmond Night Market! Their choreography and costumes always draw a crowd at our stage. We always welcome them back each year to perform with us!


Yina Qi
Firework Productions Ltd.
Richmond BC


"Shimmy for the Soul's beautiful costumes with the creative use of lights and movement completely captivate the audience." ~Julia - Surrey Night Market


"Shimmy for the Soul has been at the BC Renaissance Festival for the last 9 years. They have given wonderful and dazzling performance to our audience." ~ BC Renfest


"Exquisite costumes. Mesmerizing!" ~Aaron - A+ Stage Entertainment



Group or Solo Performer - Many Options - Many Events:

SHIMMY FOR THE SOUL is one of the busiest BELLY DANCE troupes in the Lower Mainland.  You can see them performing regularly every summer at popular events including Richmond Night Markets, the Summer Night Market, BC Renfest, the VANCOUVER PNE and many, many more.  Known for their big shows and exciting props, Shimmy for the Soul brings together dancers of all levels, ages and backgrounds to experiment with a wide range of styles of belly dance.

Types of Performances / Events (all sizes) include:

~ Weddings
~ Fundraisers
~ Anniversaries
~ Corporate Events
~ Bridal Showers / Stagettes [short performance and lesson]
~ Corporate Events
~ Celebrations
~ Birthdays
~ Holidays
~ Store Openings, Markets & Special Events
~ Artistic & Cultural Events
~ Theatre Productions
~ Community Festivals
~ Workshops
~ Charity Events
~ Shows for Senior Homes
~ Programs / Events for Girls of any age




shimmy@telus.net or soulnews@gmail.com

SOLO PERFORMANCE (15 - 20 minutes)
A solo performance will feature an instructor or advanced dancer and include an optional interactive feature (audience involvement or mini group instruction) available upon request prior to event.  Rate for this option is $195. 


** Depending on location, a travel expenses fee may apply (to cover travel time, gas, bridge tolls etc.).

GROUP PERFORMANCE (20-30 minutes)
Featuring a professional instructor and select members of our student performance troupe known for non traditional exciting diverse sets with swords, veils, candles, our trademark LIGHT UP Giant Isis Wings and more! Rates are as follows based on number of dancers hired outlined below.  

  .  ** Depending on location, a travel expenses fee may apply (to cover travel time, gas, bridge tolls etc.).

TWO Shimmy for the Soul Dancers Including 1 Instructor:
featuring a diverse selection of dances & epic props: 270-


THREE Shimmy for the Soul Dancers Including 1 Instructor:
featuring a diverse selection of dances & epic props: 345-


FOUR Shimmy for the Soul Dancers Including 1 Instructor:
featuring a diverse selection of dances & epic props: 420-


5 Shimmy for the Soul Dancers Including Instructor:
featuring a diverse selection of dances & epic props: 495-


featuring a diverse selection of dances & epic props:  750-


.  ** Depending on location, a travel expenses fee may apply (to cover travel time, gas, bridge tolls etc.).


Contact Us:


Things we will need to know:

  1. Your Name and contact info (both email and phone).
  2. What kind of event is it.
  3. Date, time and length of performance.
  4. How many dancers you are looking for.
  5. Approximate number of guests expected and what kind of audience it will be (approx. ages etc).
  6. Where is it and what is the venue.
  7. What dance space is there.
  8. Any special needs or requests.

Please note – our shows are all family friendly and we do not accept any all male event requests.

Contact Us :



Q: What can we expect in a performance?
A: We create a fun unique and cultural diverse demonstration of fusion middle eastern dance showcasing ‘epic’ props including swords, canes, veils, finger cymbals, fan veils, our unique signature Light Up Giant Isis Wings and more to make your special event rare and memorable.  Costumes are tasteful and events are all family friendly.

Q: What’s the best length for a performance?
A: For group shows, the best show length is typically 20 minutes.  Longer shows tend to be ‘too much’ for average events.  The audience attention span tends to wane beyond 20 minutes.

Q: Do you dance for bachelor parties?
A:  We do not perform at any all male events under any circumstances.  Our events are catered to family friendly affairs only.

What we require:

-=- In order to hold a date for your event performance we require a minimum non refundable deposit of 100-.

-=- Let us know what type of event it is and the cultural background of your audience is so we can tailor the set and music accordingly.

-=- We need a clear dance space of 100 sq. ft. or more for the performance area – a safe, sturdy clean surface clear of cords, equipment, furniture, clutter and debris.

-=- We need a GOOD music system loud enough to be prominently audible – we can also provide a system for a minimal extra fee.

-=- a private room / area for dancers to get ready or change.  This room must be safe and secure.

-=- clear instructions (where to go, where to park, what entrance to use etc) and ‘day of’ contact information including cell phone with the appropriate event organizer.

Book your deposit here:



Hi Nicole, I just wanted to catch up again and let you know how great it was to have the Desert Rain Dancers/Shimmy for the Soul at last weekend's FraserFest. Our guests enjoyed the beautiful and scenic Fraser River while enjoying the fun and energetic sights and sounds of this event. We were fortunate to have you group come to our event and bring some great music and history!

Once again, we thank you for being part of FraserFest 2010. With your help, we certainly created a fun-filled and memorable weekend. I have also kept your name on our entertainment roster to use for upcoming events.  !

Looking forward to crossing paths with you again in the future!

Christina Andreola
Special Event Coordinator


shimmy for the soul


"We have heard so many good feedbacks about your performances!" ~ Kathy Zhou, Richmond Night Market

shimmy for the soul


"We were so happy to have you ladies with us again :) ". ~ Jade, BC Renfest

shimmy for the soul



A unique eclectic belly dance performance troupe with many years collective experience under its collective coin belt.  The Shimmy for the Soul Dancers present a professional unique set featuring a wide range of styles and influence including show stopping props like swords, giant isis wings, silk veils, long fans, canes, zills (finger cymbals), fire and more.

Our specialties are weddings, stagettes, corporate, community events, and fun for the whole family.  

Make your special day a day they’ll remember…

For events small and large, Shimmy for the Soul can provide unique solo and troupe performances that demonstrate diverse styles and influences - from ATS INSPIRED to Egyptian and more.


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