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Custom Cabaret Bras made to order - tell us size and colour and we'll create it! Web special: 75- plus s/h



Custom made tribal belt - tell us your size, desired colours, and we create it for you! Web Special 65- plus s/h!




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SHIMMY FOR YOUR SOUL! Get the instant download version of our Shimmy for the Soul Vol 1 DVD in digital download format at iAmplify! Just click the buttons on the video widget below to find out more ...

Shimmy for the Soul is now available via instant download on iAmplify!!!



Whether you’ve shimmied before or you are brand new to the beautiful world of bellydance come and learn isolations and techniques along with a full original choreography which you will have the option to perform at future student events!     This experience is fun, healthy, transformational, life changing and a great gift for yourself or someone special.

"Through this magical practice I've lost over 70 pounds (so far!), dramatically revitalized my immune system, began un-aging and relocated my amazing feminine power and sexuality - and not only has it NOT been a struggle but the experience has been and continues the MOST inspired practice I've EVER experienced - it's unlike anything I've ever encountered before and should be experienced by every woman AT LEAST once!"!

Nicole Whitney, News for the Soul Broadcasting


Shimmy for the Soul is now available via instant download on iAmplify!!!


TESTIMONIAL - "Hey Nicole, I received your Belly Dancing DVD and enjoyed watching it very much!   You look fabulous!  In my opinion, you must have been a belly dancer in another lifetime. You are a great teacher!  You explain and demonstrate the movements very thoroughly...I will use the DVD to practice my snake arms, chest pops, ummies and figure eights (which you explained much better than my instructor) to name a few...Good for you in all you are doing.  One day, I will see you in action. - Love and Light, Marilyn"


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